Ensemble Les Dissonances

(January 2016)



This January, I will start working with the leading French orchestra Les Dissonances. Concerts will take place in Northern France and we will perform Shostakovich's 5th Symphony for the first project I will be joining them.

The Ensemble Les Dissonances is a conductorless orchestra. Every member of the orchestra is having an active role in the rehearsals, like in a huge chamber music group. I am very excited with this new approach of music making and can't wait to start the rehearsals with them!!

The orchestra has been praised internationaly and is made by professional players from the best orchestras in Europe (Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Royal Concertgebow Orchestra, Orchestre de Paris, Scala de Milano...) It is a true honor to play with them.

You can find more information about Les Dissonances and all their up-coming concert on their website: http://www.les-dissonances.eu/