DIPTIK Dance + Music

DIPTIK company aims to tear down the wall between music and dance, promoting at the same time new composers and choreographers.


The company has been created in 2014 by harpist Laure Genthialon and clarinetist Ross Newton from the same desire of bringing music and dance closer, as they are both dancers as well as musicians.

The creation process is collaborative, fun, unique and results in highly evocative and captivating performances that push the boundaries. Dancers engage with music in ways they haven't before, musicians move around the space and interact with the dancers in ways they haven't before. All artists reacting to each other intimately, intertwining themselves - musicians pushing the limits of sound while moving, dancers creating and exploring sound as they move. This provides audiences an entirely new and exciting experience of a work that is “dance+music”.

Our première project had a talented and award winning composer (Elliot Galvin) and choreographer (Katarzyna Witek) on board to steer the company in creating a 20 minutes work that we was premiered on the 9th of January during the Resolution! Festival at The Place in 2015.


For more information, you can visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/diptikdancemusic